Starlock Push-on Fasteners

Starlock push-on fasteners are a quick, permanent and efficient means of assembly for binding materials to plain shafts of steel, nonferrous materials, and plastic. They simply push onto the shaft to provide immediate gripping and holding power, thus eliminating expensive threading and grooving operations, and potentially helping to trim manufacturing costs.

Once fixed in position, Starlock washers are so secure that they cannot be removed without destruction. The majority of the starlock range can be supplied assembled with a cap to conceal the internal fixing washer and to enhance appearance. A variety of cap styles, materials and finishes is available. 

Our fasteners are carefully manufactured to close  tolerances from the best materials and are specially heat-treated to ensure secure holding quality.  

We will be pleased to advise on the use of Starlock fasteners, or suggest a design to suit your requirements.

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