Product Information - Chicago Screws

The Chicago screw, also known as a binding post or architectural bolt, is a versatile fastening product with a host of applications. Originally designed for the printing industry to bind large catalogues, the Chicago screw is simple to apply, with no machinery required except for a simple hole punch. 

 Aluminum can be anodized (coloured) in black and metallic, navy, red, or green. All metal screws can be baked enamel coated to match any pantone color. Chicago screws come in lengths of up to 6 inches and can be further extended almost indefinitely to allow the binding of documents 10" thick or more. 

Stephens Fastening Solutions offers a host of materials and colours, including

  • aluminum
  • poly
  • stainless steel


  • brass
  • black brass
  • plated steel (zinc or nickel)


Here are just a few uses for Chicago screws

  • Horse bridles and accessories
  • Knives and other weapons
  • Bookbinding from menus to manuals


  • Swatches for paper, plastics and carpets
  • Easily disassembled displays or machine parts
  • Architectural mock-ups