With combined professional experience of more than a century, Stephens Fastening Solutions is a full-service supplier of top-quality commercial fastening products. 

Our extensive inventory includes semi-tubular rivets, tubular rivets, blind rivets, solid rivets, speed rivets, flat washers, shoulder rivets, screw machine parts, push on washers, eyelets, grommets, truck body rivets, buck rivets, nylon fasteners, Chicago screws, rivet caps, retaining washers, lock bolts, drive rivets and special alloy rivets, as well as a full range of custom and cold-headed parts. 

We supply all installation tooling and machines, from single-head rivet machines to complex multi-head units, as well as rivet tools, rivet sets, anvils, and replacement parts.                          

Our offerings also include our own line of new rivet machines, as well as refurbished models of other well-known brands, including Chicago Rivet, Townsend Textron, Parmenter and Bullock, J.L. Thomson, Milford, Arno, and Hang.  

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